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Author Topic: Sold: 200GB Vosonic VP8870 Drive (Hyperdrive)  (Read 1712 times)


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Sold: 200GB Vosonic VP8870 Drive (Hyperdrive)
« on: February 03, 2011, 11:03:07 AM »


For sale is a Vosonic VP8870 photo storage drive. It has card reader slots and a 200GB 7200rpm disk drive. Price of $225 includes CONUS shipping.

It is the current Vosnic model:

It is in excellent condition, and I canít find a scratch or mark on it anywhere. It has had a plastic screen protector on it since day one that looks rough with bubbles trapped underneath, but Iím including two new screen protectors. Included are all the original items such as the leather case, manual, charger, box, and (go figure) a wireless remote. Extras included are a car cigarette charger and two spare batteries.

This is a lesser known brand competing with the touted Hyperdrive UDMA, so itís helpful to explain. After trying both IMO the Hyperdrive has the only advantages of faster initial record speed and longer battery life, and otherwise the Vosonic beats the Hyperdrive handily:

Display quality: Vosonic rates a 9+ (like Epson) and Hyperdrive a 3-. Itís satisfying to display photos on the Vosonic and hardly worth the effort on a UDMA.
Speed: The UDMA does initially record faster, but then requires a tedious secondary process to create viewable thumbnails for slideshow reviewing. The Vosonic creates thumbs at capture, so reviewing is ready NOW. The Vosonic has more social value; just save pictures and then pass it around to friends to review photos at the end of the day.
Build quality: Vosonic is has nice construction, tactile buttons and a leather case; the Hypderdrive UDMA buttons are cheap and tinny feeling and it doesnít hold the disk drive securely without some tinkering.
Batteries: The Hyperdrive batteries last longer, but a tiny screwdriver is required to swap batteries. The Vosonic doesnít require tools to open the battery door, and this one comes with two extra batteries and a car charger.

The VP8870 plays movies, and Iíll leave two movies on the drive: Baraka (great photo inspiration) and a tutorial.

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