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Author Topic: pc or mac  (Read 22415 times)


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Re: pc or mac
« Reply #100 on: January 19, 2011, 07:02:50 PM »

I have 3 children two over 24 and one under 5 and none of them ever had issues using PCs or Macs.  My oldest two started out using Macs in school and used them for years, when I asked which they wanted both selected a PC, then they went to college and I asked both if the wanted Macs and they said NO, get us a Windows notebook.

"The best thing going for PC users is that Bill Gates is one of the greatest business men that have ever lived."

And the best thing a Mac or any Apple product user has going for them is Steve Jobs has a great eye for design and is a marketing genius?  Seriously, there aren't very many successful businesses which are run by lousy businessmen.  

"looking back at my Mac Plus I can see that the real difference in twenty years has been that PCs have become another kind of Mac and that Bill Gates has been a brilliant business man."

I guess the Mac mouse is just another Xerox pointing device?  And didn't Xerox also invent the GUI?  So, really a Mac is just another Xerox?  We are in 2011 right?  OK, just checking  ;D

And I suppose Linux is another kind of Mac?  Ridiculous statements!  Bill Gates could be a great businessman, but if his products were so bad MS would cease to exist.  Nothing is forever and the landscape will change.  Remember when Apple almost and would have gone bankrupt if they weren't rescued?  It wasn't because they produced great products and were being run by a great businessman.    Now over half Apple's revenues come from products other than "Computers".  It's possible someday Apple wont be in the computer business at all, they don't manufacture anything, so it's not that great a leap.

Shit, way over my limit, sorry!  ;)
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Re: pc or mac
« Reply #101 on: January 19, 2011, 10:29:43 PM »

 Thanks Schewe, :-)

I wasn't the one running OSX on WinTel, but i am tempted to try it in the near future. :-) if I do...should I post results ;-) or  :-X

regarding purchasing a computer, there is no better time then to buy it NOW, if you need it - you need it! Tomorrow comes soon enough, and its not like our current high-end purchase will be out-dated just because something new is coming it, cos it will constantly be coming at us.

That dual quad would be one sweet machine! ;-) add SSD's to it and it will see you though a bit longer (and faster!).

Those Medium format files do look intimidating ;-) and I would love to take some for a spin (any givers!....?)


Actually, I know (and I've seen it) but I promised I wouldn't even HINT that I knew somebody who had done it and what he/she/it was using it for :~)

The real interesting time was the period where somebody was offering a bounty on the first successful boot of a Mac OSX on a Win box...remember? It was just before Apple announce a beta of Bootcamp. I still wonder if the bounty wasn't being offered by a cutout for Apple. Sure caused a stir and then boom, Apple had Bootcamp :~)

And I agree, Windows 7 sucks less...I also agree that to get a good workstation for digital imaging, you must address all three phases of performance tuning...CPU Speed and multi-cores, ram and disk I/O. You really can't ignore any of them. When I buy a "new" workstation (every 3-4 years) I get the fastest CPU with a ton of ram and really big and fast drives. I bought my MacPro last year in April (had no choice, I needed an updated workstation for book writing season).

I went with the dual quad 2.93 with 32gig of ram, dual vid cards and 4 internal SAS 15K drives via a MacRaid card. Externally I have twin 6 drive stripped arrays.

And not long after I took delivery and burned it in, the 6-cores where leaked. That's another 3-4 years when I get a new workstation, they will be a lot faster! Photoshop CS5 and Lightroom 3.3 run pretty darn fast until I start doing pano-merges of 8 or 9 P65+ files...


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Re: pc or mac
« Reply #102 on: March 12, 2011, 05:07:32 PM »

was reading the post and could not help my self to say something.

I'm a pc builder here in Mexico, I have an imac, core i3, it is my third imac in this past years, all of them really beautiful machines, have nothing to say against mac.

I think it should be more a question of preference, now at days you can spend almost the same in a hp, dell or other brand with the same specs as the imac, I know that is true, but on the other hand, with pc's you can go for a self build system, or with a pc builder, and get it for less than both apple, hp or dell computers. I did my math with parts to assemble a pc with the same characteristics of the imac, including a hp ips panel of the same size, and turned out to be almost half the price (you won't believe what you'll end up paying for a dell, apple, hp machine here in Mexico), I know I'm a pc builder and the prices I get are even lower, but on the other side, even at the price I would sell the system I guess it would be like a 20% below the others.

Both OS are good, for me both have advantages and disadvantages, there are some things in win 7 I would like to have in SnowLeopard and viceversa. A mac is less likely to get infected, but it is also true that you have to spend a bit more in order to get some things done, had that issue not so long ago with a headset I wanted to use, and turned out to be I needed a usb headset because the port next to the audio out is not for mic, just audio in.

Pc's have in their side that there are more options available, more things you can do, more flexibility with upgrades, with an imac it is not that simple, but still is a good choice, there are lot's of things you can use, but not all at a low price.

But ey, if you have the money, and you like the macs, go for it. At the end it is how you feel with the OS, since it is the face of the computer.

that happen to me with aperture and lightroom, aperture has many features and it is really good, but still I didn't feel that comfortable with it, I felt really comfortable with lightroom, so I decided not based on which one was better (they both are good) but which one suited me the best.

So the same should apply to a computer. Maybe some one feels more comfortable with a assembled than with a brand pc, or with an imac than with a laptop, or with a mac pro than with an imac.

There are a lot of variables to check, a lot of things to consider, not only the money or if it is mac or pc, or the specs, or the looks.

My opinion is, choose the one that suits you the most, the one that makes you feel the most comfortable while using it, the one that you think uses the apps you need, or that has the features you wanted.

Just my humble opinion, and with no intention to offend, either mac users, or pc users, because I'm in both sides.

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