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Author Topic: Whither (Wither?) Nikon?  (Read 20408 times)


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Re: Whither (Wither?) Nikon?
« Reply #20 on: February 10, 2011, 02:02:30 PM »

Yes, a complete bracket that quickly would be nice.  ;D

If we're talking full sensor capture then we're already talking 4K, right?  The 20+ MP sensors out there now get there.  Maybe not quite depending on the different aspect ratios (I'd have to do the math), but pretty close.  Certainly the RED One version of 4K is possible.  I think RAW has the bigger upside potential over in camera downsampling.  Not sure what would be more easily implemented - increasing the processing power in the camera to downsize at the speed required or increasing the speed of data transfer to the memory card.  But RAW at full resolution opens up many creative opportunties for post production as well, one would think.

Fair point on the timelapse comparison. 
I think the first thing we might see is downsampled motion JPGs at 1080p, then downsampled RAW at 1080p.  Most people outside the film and commercial houses are delivering 1080p for the foreseeable, so I think that's where the products are going to be.  I'd love to see 4K in my living room though; it'd be amazing.

I have a feeling that in the future, there will be more active parallel processing on the sensor.
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