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Author Topic: Can you expose too far to the right even if not clipping?  (Read 23594 times)


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Re: Can you expose too far to the right even if not clipping?
« Reply #80 on: December 22, 2010, 12:57:31 PM »

Ditto ; this one is definitely not exposed to the right.
It's really a matter of "it's fun to play with matches but it hurts to burn your fingers".

For the 2 other ones, I don't see any hue change but do see a minor exposure change (inaccurate shutter, which is quite probable for speeds way beyond X-sync, or maybe slightly stuck aperture?).

Agree, it's clearly exposed "over the right", but don't think I got burned. It was never intended to be an ETTR exposure, it was simply an example I had from a HDR bracketing sequence.

Also see the exposure change, however - 0,1 EV on the -2 EV shot fixes that almost completely, but didn't want to do that for the "purity"of the comparison I did between the three frames. As you say, minor inaccuracies of the shutter as well as in the mechanical aperture (this was taken with a 15 year old Minolta AF lens) probably account for that. I've seen changes as big as 0.2-0.3 EV in continuous shooting series with this and other lenses as well. Since I shoot raw I really can't loose sleep over that, for jpg it might be more critical. 

@ bjanes, nice test and well executed, thanks for doing and posting that.
pieter, aka pegelli
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