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Author Topic: Nikon F4s, SB-24, 35-70 mm lenses, Christie Rain Hood for Canon 300/2.8  (Read 553 times)

Richard L Hess

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Hi, I have a bunch of older Nikon film camera equipment that might be of some interest. I have put some prices up, but I'm not sure if they are overly optimistic. I'd welcome feedback on the prices and reasonable offers.

Instead of posting all the details here, you can look

I've been a member of D1scussion since 2003 and was a SysOp in the CompuServe Photography Forum in the late 1980s, early 1990s...then kids happened <smile>. I am new to Luminous Landscape, however.

Suggested payment arrangements are also in the link.

Quick summary:
Nikon F4s with MF-23 multicontrol back, regular back, MB-21 and MB-20 battery holders/grips, grid and normal focus screens, Arca-Swiss style mounting plate, spare eye-ring, and wine-coloured neck strap (wide).

AF 35-70/2.8 with tiny coating scratch on front element

AF 35-70/3.3-4.5

Two SB-24 flashes, one with SD-8 6 AA battery pack and a slightly rough Sto-Fen diffuser box.

Christie Rain Hood for Canon EF 300/2.8

Nikon BR-6 and AR-7 for macro work with bellows.

Nikon MC-12 A 3-pin electric release

Nikon Remote cord for F4 with banana plugs

Nikon SW-6 diffusers for SB-15 (two, NIB)

Junker N5005 for parts,  boatanchor, etc.

Nikor 35 mm 2-reel developing tank (with three reels)

Lepp Tele-Flash (toy-ish, but works)

More details and "trial balloon" pricing at the website link, above.
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