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Author Topic: Which Zeiss Lens For Canon 5DII HDSLR shooting or other options and where 2buy?  (Read 1779 times)


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Just looking for some info on which are the Old Zeiss lens that work with the 5DII. Not sure what to look for when searching through the net.
Can anybody suggest some good lens and give me a little help on which lens I need to be looking for, also which is the best adaptor for Zeiss to Canon I need.
I am sure that focus
Thanks alot in advance for any help


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hey as ever Im going to push you in a different direction

fist  - what stills system do you use, cant you just get some adapters and use your current lenses

Things to think about..

you dont need fast lenses, because you wont be able to focus them

you dont need resolution because the camera does not have resolution

now I woould not buy online - it is so critical to get a lens with a nice movement on the barrel, light and smooooooth

heavy lenses upset your shot

for example I have a nikkor manual 50 1.2 and nikkor AF 1.4 and choose the second all the time because the focus pull is smooth

when you use an adapter it can have back lash which upsets your focus and shows in the shot

any wobble in the lens elements or connection to the camera show up if you use the camera in motion (the wobbling element moves the image around on the sensor)

some lenses I use.. on the 5d

canon 70-200 F4 (300 used)
24-105 (600 used)
nikkor 50 1.4
nikkor 35-70 F3.5 70 used - bought for a joke !
nikkor 14mm
nikkor 28 3.5 PC

some I dont use..
nikkor manual 50 1.2
nikkor manual 135/2 (too stiff barrel)
nikkor 70-300 manual zoom (no lens collar - to flexible)
nikkor 24-105 - focus too rough

and my most used lens on the 7d, 16-55 tokina

I love zooms, never to zoom 'in shot' but to make setups between shots fast - even that 35-70 is great to trim a composition while on 'sticks' and has round bokeh at 3.5

Changing a prime can take ages if you have a matte box or follow focus or both

Things to decide..
which direction (nikon or canon rotation) - dont get a mixed set

Things to watch
baclash in focus
too much friction in focus
long lenses that do not have a collar support
too long focus throw
too short focus throw

most I would say is watch for any wobbles anywhere in the system

If find some tape can absorb backlash in adapters

I think the best lens for a 5d would be the nikkor 24-105 which is non extending - unlike the canon 24-105 which is floppy when extended and barrels badly at the wide end

I would consider expensive primes at the wide end because you dont get barrel distortion on wide primes unlike zooms, pretty much any 50 or 80 is good, even a $50 olympus one

barrel distortion is not easy to correct in motion AFAIK

remember if nikon come out with the next 'hot' DSLR you wont be able to adapt canon fit lenses because the FFD (flange focal distance) is too short


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