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Author Topic: Strange profiling problem  (Read 2593 times)

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Strange profiling problem
« on: September 16, 2010, 09:39:34 PM »

I have been using a Colormunki successfully to profile my club's Epson PowerLite 730C projector.  With an old Dell Windows XP laptop, the first try gave us a very good profile that had good color control and stunningly neutral grayscale images.  After that computer was replaced with an HP Win7 laptop with integrated nVidia graphics, we again were able to get very good Colormunki profiles for the projector until the day that the HP quit putting out a video signal.

HP changed the motherboard, and presumably the integrated nVidia video as well.  We reprofiled the projector several times, but the profiles seemed way off:  slightly yellow-green areas in the light grays, and oversaturated greens and reds, with too-bright highlights, almost as if there was a double profile being used.
However, Windows was set up to not load any profiles other than the projector profile.

Switching to a friend's computer, we were able to profile (using the Colormunki) without changing any settings in the projector, and get a much better profile, with just the vaguest hint of yellow-green in a small band around 220,220,220, but not enough to interfere with real life images.  That tells me that the projector and the Colormunki are functioning properly, and the problem seems to be in the nVidia graphics unit in the HP laptop.

What should my next steps be?

Also, as a side issue, the club has lost the remote for the Epson, and access to the color controls in the projector is cut off without it.   Epson says the remote is discontinued.  Are there some secret keypresses on the projector that would allow us to access the color menus?
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