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Author Topic: South-West USA landscape tour  (Read 3790 times)
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« on: January 09, 2003, 05:29:45 PM »

thelsloot, two books to buy now are here-- I have the first and it's very useful. Buy them now to help you plan your trip. Use a search engine like Google to find van rentals. I would expect LV to have lots available.

One gets HOT, damned hot in fact, in the southwestern deserts in the summer. If your trip is around March thru May, I suggest visiting the desert locations early in that period rather than late. May is SUMMER is the deserts.

I hope you enjoy planning and taking your trip.

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We are also planning to visit PMA in Las Vegas in March. So we find the replies to the other PMA question very interesting. Our question is this: We have 3 months to do a phototour of the South-West and are thinking of renting a small campervan. Can anyone recommend a place where we can do this cheaply? (We could also get a car if it's a lot cheaper and stay in motels.) We had thought of buying a van, but have heard that it is very difficult to get insurance if you do not live in the States. Any suggestions on the subject of camper/car hire would be much appreciated.
P.S. Is the PMA a good place to find books on shooting locations?
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