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Author Topic: What about this Media White Point?  (Read 1072 times)


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What about this Media White Point?
« on: July 29, 2010, 11:42:13 PM »

I recently purchased a new LaCie 526 for my Mac Pro 2.66 tower. It came with the renown BlueEye Pro software package and Colorimeter. After countless calibrations and hours spent with the LaCie techs there was no solution to the following problem. Here it is:

After allowing the 526 one hour of warm up I began calibrating. Set gamma to native 2.2. luminance to 95 cal/m2 and color temp to 6500K. After a lengthy calibration process, the calibration was complete and my monitor got a nice average delta of .4 with the gamma set to 2.2 and temp at 6500K and the luminance set to 95. Perfect right? Wrong! Although I followed the destructions to the letter there was still a problem. The monitor was calibrated correctly but my new ICC display profile contained a 'wtpt' tag - thats media white point tag - set to 5000K. As a result, Photoshop displayed an image tinged by this white point tag. A sweater from a known neutral image used for testing showed up orange. Softproofing revealed the same problem. I looked into the profile tags and discovered this offending tag. By the way, ColorSync does NOT read this tag, you must use software that can read all the tags of a profile.

So just for kicks, I downloaded a canned profile from LaCie's website specifically for my new display. I set it as the new system profile and visited Photoshop only to find the delightful surprise of a perfectly neutral image. Wow, that's magic? Wrong again! You see, the ICC profile downloaded from LaCie, though canned and generic, contained a correct media white point (6500K) and in turn was picked up by Photoshop who in turn got a correct reference point. However, even after calibrating 18 more times with settings ranging from here to there, the offending 'wtpt' tag was still there. There was no way around this problem and LaCie thought I was speaking "jiberish". Couldn't speak to a senior tech or anyone else who even had a remote idea of what I was talking about. Does anybody share this experience among those who have purchased a new LaCie 526 with its renown BlueEye Pro package. I now have it's next of kin the NEC 2690WUXi2 with the SpectraView II deal and the problem remains the same. I will go a few rounds with NEC and see what happens. I suspect it may be a ColorSync paradigm or a system issue with Snow Leopard. I am running 10.6.4 OSX Snow Leopard. Please feel free to chime in...
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