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Author Topic: Ricoh GRD 3 (RAW+JPG shooting) - How to import RAW, but ignore JPG?  (Read 2684 times)


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I've just recently bought a Ricoh GRD 3 as my  always-with-me, visual sketchpad-y type of camera.  All in all I've been pretty impressed by both the camera and its image quality.  So far so good.  

There is one issue.  The GRD will not allow you to shoot Raw alone - for various reasons peculiar to this model you must always shoot a combination of Raw + jpeg.  This is a nuisance as it reduces the usable space on your SD card but, other than that, it's a fairly minor quirk on what is otherwise a fine little camera.  

The real trouble comes when importing into Lightroom 2.  Perhaps I've overlooked something very obvious, in which case my apologies, but I can't find any easy means of importing only the Raw files on a card while ignoring the jpegs.  I don't need the jpegs and don't want them to be copied over when I import.  Can anyone suggest anything to get around this?

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Ricoh GRD 3 (RAW+JPG shooting) - How to import RAW, but ignore JPG?
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I have a GRD3 as well and the only workaround is to shoot RAW and use the lowest JPG setting (N640), then plug the card in and open a Finder window, sort by file type, trash the JPGs, then import into the program of your choice.
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