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Author Topic: Canon CPS in Canada  (Read 3931 times)


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Canon CPS in Canada
« on: May 04, 2010, 09:50:05 PM »

Hi Folks:  This is lifted from the May, 2010 issue of Beau Photo News:

"Canon Canada’s Revamped CPS Program

Recently Canon Canada announced a complete redesign of their CPS program. One goal
behind this overhaul is to ensure that the real pro photographers (not just those guys with
cameras and a website), the ones out there earning their living and feeding their families
from their day-to-day photography work, get priority service when it comes to loaners,
repairs and support from Canon’s Professional Services department. To this end, as of July
1st, Canon Canada will no longer be accepting your existing CPS numbers. Everyone, and
I do mean everyone, who wants to remain in the CPS program will have to reapply.

Canon Canada was initially resisting going the route of Canon USA, where being a CPS
member also required paying a yearly fee, but now after some time has passed since the
US program revamping, Canada has followed suit. There is a “Gold” program which offers
certain benefits and discounts, and is $100 per year. There is also a Platinum program
with additional benefits and discounts for $250 per year. I won’t bother listing off all
the details, so I will just provide a link to Canon’s website, where you can click on the
“Program Details” link to read about the specifics of the new program:

One question that is not answered on the website is whether or not pros will still get
their CPS discounted pricing on pro bodies, ‘L’ lenses and flash units. Well apparently
yes, despite the fact that the US does not have any discounted pricing for CPS members,
it appears that Canada will be retaining that benefit. Also, apparently you will be eligible
for CPS purchase pricing on both the Gold and Platinum memberships. Since you do not
have to be a pro, this opens up CPS pricing to anyone willing to spend the $100 to become
a member!

I expect turnaround time might initially be slow, especially for the pros wanting to apply
for the Platinum membership (which requires them to be a pro), considering the flood of
re-applications from former CPS members that is likely already occurring. If you don’t
want your membership to lapse on July 1st, I suggest you go to Canon’s website and apply!
If you have any questions about the new CPS program, even after reading Canon’s site, feel
free to give me a call and I will try my best to de-mystify the details. Keep in mind that the
program is so new, I may not know the answer to everything yet!"

The general manager of Beau Photo is Carol Polloni (, but the article was written by Mike M.

Thought it might be of interest to some.

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Canon CPS in Canada
« Reply #1 on: May 05, 2010, 04:09:15 AM »

Very interesting.

CPS in Australia recently offered all existing members the opportunity of free GOLD membership for a period of one year for re-registering promptly. They through in an incentive of a free book if you were in the first 25 or so to do so (I got lucky and scored the book).

As far as I am aware however, CPS Australia have not as yet said if they are going to be charging for GOLD membership going forward (or if they have I am not aware of it).

Looks like CPS is going through upheaval / revision across the globe.
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