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Author Topic: Mac, renaming, Capture1 and Extensis DAM Workflow  (Read 1107 times)


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Mac, renaming, Capture1 and Extensis DAM Workflow
« on: April 20, 2010, 10:37:33 AM »

Hi Guys,

Sorry to repeat this, but in case this wasn't appropriate in the Capture One section I thought I'd post here to get some more feedback, thanks

I am looking for a solution to renaming my files. my workflow is as following.

Download images from cards - verify, images on cards have all be downloaded.

Directory structure is YYYYMMDD_MyClientName
File structure is xxxx_MyclientName_YYYYMMDD.extension where xxxx is a sequence number (front numbering for Contact sheets etc...)

Now C1 can't create this file naming structure, so what do I do?

Ok, so I am trying to answer my own question, hoping that someone else will pick holes in my here is the invitation :-)

I am thinking of using Bridge to do the Renaming, within Bridge I have plenty of options for do a custom renaming. This will need to be done prior to processing the images in C1, and if the sidecar/xmp isn't embedded with the RAW file. I am going to have to rename the raw file sequence as well as the .cos files in Settings50.

Ok, either can work, but I would like something a little more elegant :-)

So I am processing my images, keeping my hero shots and any supporting images that I could think off, the rest can just stay or get trashed when the job is done. Now, I end up with a collection of images, however the numbering of this group is by now rather random. As I have bracket a bit here, drop shots there. Giving this collection to my Client, would look incomplete, as image 0001_..., 0021..., 0103... ..... and 0203... Again, I would like things to look more elegant and complete when I deliver the job to the client, so I rename again, but this time starting from 1000_MyClientName_YYYYMMDD last image in one sequence. That way I don't get the question, what happened to image 0002_... etc...

Ohh, I do the last rename as a COPY RENAME, to a different folder, final selection. I know I still have my trash, my keepers and my KeepersRenamedCopy. When the job is done and dusted, the trash gets carried out.

Now, and this may be out of this section of the forum, I add the images to my catalog through Extensis Portfolio 8.5 - Key-wording is applied, and the files are stored on my External (NAS storage). Now, I also make a pair of copies onto a couple of hard drives (as in two hard drives one set, both kept off-site and separate from each other, other then when they are being updated. Now this is more of an Extensis question. How do I keep track of my copies/backup.

I do my backup via Extensis, which then adds a path in the key wording, so I can see where the files are or where they have been, but it doesn't keep a good record of something having being backed up twice...not sure how to express this.

Also I find this irritating, I want to compare content of folders to verify that I have copied everything across, but when I press apple+i on a group of folders I get each and every folder info popping up, and I just want a total! anyone got a solution for this?

Thanks for taking the time to get this far, I look forward to hear what you have to say. I am open to suggestions

A Dane Down Under
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