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Author Topic: Lightroom 3 Betas  (Read 10925 times)
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Quote from: digitaldog
I propose one with lots of cats on it!

Multi neon colored cats

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I don't know if this thread had any purpose to start with, but with all of this talk of stuffing cats and mabe even guillotines for certain leaky people at Adobe, I thought I'd throw in a historical context.  On British Navy sailing ships and some others, flogging was somewhat of a last resort for discipline, bringing a man before the mast so to speak.  Therefore, such discipline was done with some ceremony, and the whip, or cat of nine tails, was carried in a purple or red velvet bag.  Prior to the flogging the cat was let out of the bag.  So there ya go.

And somewhere, someone at Adobe was probably feeling like this yesterday:


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