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Author Topic: My Photo Selected!  (Read 6503 times)

Pete JF

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My Photo Selected!
« Reply #20 on: December 30, 2009, 03:55:05 PM »


Conrats on your pic being picked as worth being used for free.

Look, there are scads of professional photographers out there who work very hard every day to educate their clients on copyright issues...lawyers working for this community..on and on. The copyright issues in the Photo community are very important and being tested by companies like Schmap every day.

I'm one of those photographers and I've worked hard to make a living at it. Raised two kids on this biz and always had to keep people on both sides of this industry aware of the various pertinent subjects within the realm of copyright issue.

I can say might be getting a thrill by having this company use your picture, great for cocktail  brag·ga·do·cio and all, but, in the end, it chips away at what a lot of folks, who make their living this way, are trying to do with regard to fair compensation for their work...this is an ongoing and HUGE issue in the professional photo community.

You might be the enjoying your escapade on this little thread more than Penguin..that seems to be the irony for you baiting other forums by posting fake pics, pictures you said that you took?? All you are proving is that "Taste" is a very subjective thing..everything else? You go on forums and post photos that aren't yours and ask for a critique?

What does that make you..The most best guy of internet ethics and a shiny role model?

Put yourself in the position of working photographers who support families and employ people..folks trying to make a living..many of these folks are scrambling to hold together their copyrights because , more and more, companies like the one who "selected" your picture..are assuming free usage in a variety of's virtually endless and has very direct effect on peoples livelihoods

Sounds to me like you're a guy who just couldn't care less about anyone and just goes ahead with whatever he wants to otherwords...hmm, blowhard, boneheaded, inconsiderate selfish fucker sounds about good to me...Oh yeah congrats on your photo getting selected for this cheapskate now are appropriately affiliated with the low end.

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My Photo Selected!
« Reply #21 on: December 30, 2009, 04:41:49 PM »

Quote from: Ken Luria
In the guise of giving an "opinion" the forum-vultures only want to mime superiority. They want to denigrate the work of others in order to feel better about themselves, when in reality they are unable to post work that will be highly regarded.

When exactly in this thread did anyone denigrate your work???

It's a nice photo and nobody said otherwise, so maybe it's time to get over it.  Happy New Year!


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My Photo Selected!
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Thought this forum was for adults - deleting my comments in this thread.
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