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Author Topic: Antarctica photographs resurrected  (Read 9346 times)

tim wolcott

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Antarctica photographs resurrected
« Reply #20 on: February 04, 2010, 12:38:55 AM »

You answered your own question, yes the lighting is unusual there and sunsets also can be used to make unusual funky skies which I used to my advantage so the icebergs would separate from the skies.  If I had shot the #1, right when I saw it, the sky would have been the same color as the berg.  By the #1 one the Smithsonian photographic competition and all of them have been exhibited in many galleries around the world.  

I will take your response as a problem with emails, that you can't have a real discussion with emotions and come to a conclusion.  Because, if you had checked my background of what I have invented in photography and what I have done in photography you wouldn't have ask a question like that.  I don't mean that to sound ego driven but I have worked very hard to get where I am.  Tim

Quote from: loonsailor
Beautiful work, but I find the color balance, like the pink sky, distracting.  The light in Antarctica is so unusual.  Did you shoot a gray target to use for WB?  If not, you could try to find a neutral point to balance to, though that can be very hard in images like this.

My favorite is image #5, where the composition is so strong that it doesn't need the strange colors to excel, followed closely by #4.  I think I would like #1 with a different processing treatment but, again, the color on this one detracts for me.

I've got a bunch of Antarctica stuff, at and
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Antarctica photographs resurrected
« Reply #21 on: February 04, 2010, 04:59:13 PM »

Having made a trip to antarctica in 2009 I can say that images from this incredible place are subject to wide interpretation...some more artistic, some's really an individual thing as is the viewers response...all valid.  In some of my images I chose to alter the saturation a bit and found that this was objectionable to some viewers, other liked the result. and so it goes..... Eleanor
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