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Author Topic: Climbing photography website  (Read 4857 times)


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Climbing photography website
« Reply #20 on: December 12, 2009, 09:34:29 AM »

Quote from: Alexandre Buisse
This may be browser dependant, it's very readable on my screen. If I keep the link at all, I'll make sure to increase the size a bit..
Making a site look (equally) good on different browsers, revisions, and window sizes is a major challenge, even for the most sophisticated professional designers. That's one hurdle I keep changing my mind on for my own site. The appearance of font style and size is but one of the problems. The ultimate solution is to have a site viewed and tested on every browser, revision, and window size. Pragmatically, at least on the ones you care about.

This latest book I read finally explains where the difficulty comes from. It blew me away, and made me feel less stupid with my own struggle. Web site design languages and tools are still in their infancy and are far from user friendly, even after many attempts for standardization, etc.

Thanks again for the detailed feedback. I just want to add that I am not making some of the suggested changes right now because of an issue with my webhost (ssh access not working), but will fix some/most of the issues you mentioned as soon as possible.
You are welcome. I have no expectation that readers would either agree with my comments or make changes according to them. But it's always good to know that some do.
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