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Author Topic: 360Precision Absolute  (Read 715 times)
Robert Harshman
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« on: December 08, 2009, 10:10:52 PM »

This is the 360Precision Absolute Panoramic tripod head for shooting cylindrical or full multi-row 360's. It's set for a Canon 1D or 1Ds series camera with a Canon 16-35mm lens. The lens is set to about 28mm. It was built for the original 16-35, not the II. I'm checking to see if it would work for the II.

With a 1Ds, a 16-35 and this head you can produce a massive 360 panoramic file.

The head is in perfect working order and has the alignment mounting bars instead of the pin registration system so you can use any of the 1D/1Ds series bodies with this head. It has 10 click stops on the bottom rotator and 5 stops on the upper arm at -90, -45, 0, 45 and 90. It does have some small scratches, but it's a very solid piece of equipment.

The price is $500. USD plus shipping.  


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