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Author Topic: what calibration system for both nec30" AND printer?  (Read 1172 times)


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what calibration system for both nec30" AND printer?
« on: November 26, 2009, 06:55:04 AM »

i'm nearly about to order an nec LCD3090WQXi monitor and probably an epson 3990 printer and am wonderin how to calibrate both monitor AND printer.      i'm aware spectraview II with an eye-one puck is the standard calibration tool for the monitor but i dont know if this will calibrate the printer as well    

for calibrating both do i buy an eye-one but with more comprehensive software than the spectraview?     also i was wondering if a colormunki which is also made by x-rite would work for both monitor and printer as i've read impressive user reviews about it

i dont want to buy spectraview II with eye-one puck and then have to buy some other gear for the printer which apart from double spending may not match up the two as well as if i use the one calibration system

thankyou for any suggestions
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