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Author Topic: Anyone try HDR PhotoStudio?  (Read 1433 times)

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Anyone try HDR PhotoStudio?
« on: October 24, 2009, 09:28:03 PM »

I was at PhotoExpo Plus and came across a both where they were demonstrating HDR PhotoStudio, by UnifiedColor.  While I know that for these demos they use images that happen to work very well with their software I was nevertheless impressed with some features of their program, and the ease with which they got the most realistic HDR's I had seen yet.  

Today I downloaded a trial version, and I continue to be impressed.  I tried it on several types of image sequence ranging from night shots to landscapes, and after watching their tutorials I was able to get the results I wanted.  

They do all of the work in 32-bit color space and have pretty well separated the luminance adjustments from affecting the color.  The controls are laid out in a more intutitive fashion than  in Photomatix, and so far I have only two complaints:  it is hard to completely eliminate slight halos at times, and the "ghosting" removal is automatic.  I do lots of shots at long exposure to get "silky" water, and Photomatix lets me choose not to remove the ghosting.  HDR PhotoStudio won't let me get the silky water effect.

However, those are small issues, and I must say that the results from this program are stunning.  I'd like to know if anybody else has tried it, and what their thoughts are.

The link to their website is:

HDR PHotoStudio website

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