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Author Topic: another revolutionary camera  (Read 7088 times)


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another revolutionary camera
« Reply #20 on: October 13, 2009, 11:15:28 PM »

Quote from: wolfbellw.
There are quite a few people who celebrate the new phase df like a revolution in image making.
A new? camera that is supposed to overcome a few problems (shutter lag…) that have been solved already by its predecessor - as customers were told by the company just a year ago. Basically it seems we gonna expect a light refinement of a camera that actually works ok for the majority of professionals, some minor flaws included. With the new model I see nothing that really rocks the world.
In the divers forums guys who’s job is to sell cameras and others who are suspicious close to the producers are constantly posting about the incredible features of the new camera. I never heard them mention if one of the biggest pains of the afd III is finally solved: the impossibility to upload new firmware via usb. Another question I asked a few times already whether we can use the new leaf shutter lenses on the afdII/III as we have been told for the past 2 years. I still don't know but there are some hints that it is not possible (and that would be impertinent, I would go as far and call it fraud) but again no answer from the people who usually are so eloquent.
We had the disaster with the Hy6, we still don’t know what leaf stands for (and I wonder if anybody dares to invest into leaf) it seems mamiya and phase are one company now still the communication with their customers totally sucks. Even the technicians at mamiya/germany are not able to give an answer to abovementioned questions.
The industry tries to force new products that hardly offer any real advantages on their customers. They sell us dead end products that have to be replaced after a year already, generously offering some upgrade programs that cost another little fortune instead of keeping their promises. 2 years we had to wait for the lf lenses to find out that they might not work on our cameras. What is wrong with phase/mamiya? Do you think that is the way to treat customers who invest sums in camera systems that were absolutely outreagous just a few years ago?
And dear colleagues how long you wanna behave like a herd of sheep that grateful celebrates every opportunity to buy another revolutionary system that again does not match your expectations? How long you wanna get screwed by the industry? Consumers do have power and when they are treated in an unpleasant way they should just think about avoiding the involved company. Or at least wait a few weeks before ordering a new product, just to give this guys a little time to think about a proper way of dealing with customers.

wolf. b.
They want all of us to begin renting and sell all our MF equipment. That is what they want....
I will be very glad to make them happy.

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