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Author Topic: Help with NEC 2690 purchase  (Read 1195 times)


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Help with NEC 2690 purchase
« on: September 09, 2009, 12:51:49 AM »

This is my first posting in this forum. I am in process of moving from pc to mac. I decided on getting the new quad core mac pro. For monitor, I have been going back & forth between the NEC 2490 and 2690 displays. I have been reading about the color spaces, wide gamut monitors in this forum and dpreview site. I am not a professional photographer but a serious enthusiast. I have never taken pictures in aRGB and truly don't know what have I been missing. However after reading here, I really want to move towards wide gamut format. I am tempted to go with NEC 2690 after reading the positive reports here. However still I am not clear about the sRGB controversy. Definitely I'll be using this monitor for all purposes. Also I have other cameras which do not shoot in RAW or aRGB. I'll really appreciate if you all can guide me into right direction. I want to know:

1) How do you all use this monitor to watch sRGB content i.e. editing sRGB photos in Photoshop, video editing, uploading the pictures to web and general browsing  etc. How complicated is to switch between aRGB and sRGB modes? I read some where that one may have to calibrate the video card settings.

2) I was told the all the mac software are color managed and I don't need to worry. Is it true?

3) Is Nikon NX2 color managed software? Is there a list of color managed softwares?

4) What other compromise I may have to make?

I am hoping for some detailed answers (which will help me making informed decision and avoid any costly mistake). I am posting this message in the 'Color management' forum also?

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