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Author Topic: FS: Horseman DigiFlex II Film Camera  (Read 5602 times)


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FS: Horseman DigiFlex II Film Camera
« on: August 26, 2009, 08:58:43 PM »

Have a Horseman DigiFlex II for sale it's in mint condition, in original box and instruction manual included.
Has had shutter replaced as original shutters in these have a poor track record.

$550 USD


Happy to ship world wide. Shipping will be at actual cost.

Takes all Nikon F mount lenses

The DigiFlex II uses the F lens mount to provide the widest possible choice of lenses. From ultra wide angle to telescopic, from fish eye to shift lenses, you can now use practically any normal or special-purpose F-mount lens from any manufacturer (with the exception of a few lenses of very old design).

UP to 114-degree wide angle view

While keeping the standard F-mount flange back, the DigiFlex II's advanced body design permits ultra wide angle shooting with a maximum viewing angle of 114 degrees.

Compatible with any digital camera back with Hasselblad mount

The Horseman DigiFlex II is the world's first 24x36mm camera exclusively designed for high-end digital camera backs. Any digital back equipped with Hasselblad mount can be used.

Suitable for multi-shot mode

The DigiFlex II is perfectly suitable for multi-shot digital backs or multi-shot mode such as 2-shot, 3-shot, 4-shot or 16-shot.

Full 35mm picture size

The Horseman DigiFlex II gives you the full 24 x 36mm picture size in a CCD camera. When used with a digital back with 36x36mm frame size and 16 million pixels, there are approximately 2670 x 4000 active pixels per shot, for an extremely high resolution of about 10.68 million pixels.

Now: motorized shutter and mirror action, solenoid shutter release

New features now found in the DigiFlex II include motor-powered shutter arming and mirror movement as well as electromagnetic (solenoid) shutter release. What's more, with the built-in CPU and new timing control, shutter speeds up to 1/2000 sec can now be used. (Flash synchronization, however, works at 1/125 sec.)

Special electrical contacts for Digital Backs. Cordless interface possible.

The Horseman DigiFlex II is equipped with special electrical contacts for digital backs providing these contacts. Cordless interfacing gives those models the functionality and portability of a true 35mm SLR.

Detailed Specifications
Type  Single-lens reflex camera
Lens Mount
Nikon F mount
Camera Back Mount
Hasselblad mount
Usable Frame Size  24mm x 36mm
Vertical metal focal plane shutter
Shutter Speeds
B, 1 - 1/2000sec
Flash Synchro Speed
Shutter Cocking
Automatic, by motor
Shutter Release
Interval Between Shots
Minimum approx. 1sec
Viewfinder Screen
Mat, split image and microprisms at screen center
Viewfinder Coverage
Approx. 92% of 24x36mm frame
Viewfinder Type
Kepler real image type, with eyesight compensation
CR123A lithium batteries x3 (9V)
Tripod Mount
1/4" UNC x 2 (bottom and side)
161(W)x164(H)x70(D)mm(without viewfinder magnifying glass)



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FS: Horseman DigiFlex II Film Camera
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