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Desert flowers
« on: April 17, 2005, 08:01:35 AM »

Though I've gotten fabulous flower shooting mileage from JT and DV National parks, I found the absolute best desert flower shows in various spots along Hwy. 395 between Olancha (South of Lone Pine) and Kramer Junction (corner of Hwy. 58 and Hwy. 395).  That's quite a long stretch and there's not flowers everywhere, but a few places are truly incredible.  Of special interest were the volcanic areas South of Olancha.  The combination of the flowers and the incredible dark volcanic rock formations and red volcanic gravel provided unique photo perspectives.  You need to get off the highway and explore on dirt roads (no problem for ordinary cars, there's lots of good dirt roads) and also do a lot of exploring on foot if you want the best shots. Highly recommended (9.8).

I've heard there's presently also great flowers between JT and Amboy.  There was nothing happening there when I went to DV a few weeks ago, but I don't doubt that it's good now.  The stretch between Amboy and Baker was also not happening much a couple weeks ago, but must be fantastic by now.

So many flowers, so little time!  At least most of you can free up more time by quitting your jobs, but I already did that, uh... about 1965.  I was one of those (appropriately) "flower power" drop-outs that never did drop back in.
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