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Author Topic: AVG Deletes ITunes Files - False/Positive  (Read 1261 times)


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AVG Deletes ITunes Files - False/Positive
« on: July 28, 2009, 01:28:31 PM »

I found it really strange a couple of mornings ago when I awake to my computer displaying the results of my Scheduled AVG antivirus scan. AVG had identified virus' on my computer (PC) that needed to be removed. And so I did.

What was strange however - and something that I immediately commented to my wife about - - - was that the long list of files that were detected and being moved the Virus Vault, all contained components of either ITunes or Ipod. I was surprised and have never witnessed any issues with Itunes in the past.

I didn't pay much attention until last night (Monday) when I was at my brother-in-laws house getting a new terrabyte hard drive and eSata toaster from him (his business is selling computers) - and before leaving he asked if I got hit with the Itunes virus? It then made me suspicious that AVG could well have wrongly defined Itunes files as virus'. I planned on checking into the issue today.

Well before I got to get into a search, this morning when I go to open my ITunes APP I get a dialogue box saying that ITunes cannot be opened because essential files are missing. And so I reinsalled Itunes and everything works as normal.

After doing that, I proceeded to search the web - and it ttok no time at all to find that AVG had indeed distributed an update that wrongly identified ITunes files as virus'. After reading about it on blogs and forums, I finally went to the "horses mouth" and found this result that may be of value to others who went through the same thing that i and many others have over the last couple of days:;feature=179

At any rate, it is a simple reinstall of ITunes (or restoring from Virus Vault if that hasn't been cleared -and making sure the latest AVG update has been done - - - and all is well.
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