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Author Topic: Web sites, roll your own or subscription or both-issues  (Read 3531 times)


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Web sites, roll your own or subscription or both-issues
« on: July 23, 2009, 12:23:20 AM »

I have a web page with limited functionality for about $7 Canadian a month. Its good for five pages and using their templates I can build a small site myself.
Decent functionality with PHP for TTG compatibility would run me about $40 C /mo.
the fully functional subscriptions to Zenfolio ($99 /year) or Smug Mug ($149) both $US give one access to a lot of functionality including sales/transaction management, nice templates and more, but it is not "your" site.

My goal is to put some work out there in some subject themed galleries, and who knows perhaps even make some sales either as prints, cards or downloads self printed or the service that comes with the package. I also want to be able to direct folks to my stuff so they can decide if they want to hire me or not as well.

I am thinking that, at least initially, which could be quite a while, to put a few examples up on "My" site with a link to the subscription site for the fancy galleries, sales management and the like.

For those that have been there, done that: Is this a reasonable business plan to get things rolling?
Do you have a preference for any particular subscription site and why?
thanks in advance.
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