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Author Topic: How does critique work? Why do we post here?  (Read 14121 times)

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How does critique work? Why do we post here?
« Reply #80 on: July 09, 2009, 03:59:58 PM »

Quote from: Ray
This is my latest print, on my Epson 7600. I'm thinking of giving it as a birthday present to someone. Not sure, though.

It's a composite of two separate shots. Please feel free to criticise it to your heart's content. Don't hold back.

A bit of background. The monk on the left has been dead for 30 years. The beauty on the right is a bloke. Canon 5D.


Let all the poisons in the mud hatch out.

Hi Ray

Itīs a funy thing, criticism: for example, I feel obliged to ask the chapess on the right why it picked the specific boob shape that it did.  Iīd have thought, from critical observation of all the wonderful artificial women that grace our screens day after day, that any lad hoping to go there might have considered the failure of that particular shape.

The natural, gravitational disposition of a real boob is otherwise, regardless of the hemisphere (of the world, I mean) in which one lives. Something which reminds one of nothing but a halfed tennis ball with a raisin on it is, to say the least, counter-productive. Does the mango not grow in those parts? Now there would have been a better datum line from which to start - astute sections sliced from one - excluding the horrid bone, of course, far too hard to represent silicone - could have provided much-needed practice formats. But thatīs the trouble with critiquing - impossible not to be either too hard or too soft.

Rob C
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