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Author Topic: Jump Artisan ship or hang in with this classic  (Read 1265 times)


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Jump Artisan ship or hang in with this classic
« on: June 13, 2009, 03:25:51 PM »


1) After reading another thread on this topic, I emailed Unkle Vito who could give no ETA for 64-bit Artisan drivers. He gave me a few suggestions for calibration/profile packages and I did some research, pretty much deciding on the Spyder 3. I then considered dual booting my Vista with XP. My thought was to calibrate and create the profiles in XP, copy them into the proper Vista folder, then repoint the display from the generic Win to the Artisan's profiles (I think this can be done). At this point I cannot install XP running the setup.exe from within Vista because Win complains it cannot install a lower version. If I boot from the XP CD the install starts, but I soon get a blue screen. MS has been unhelpful throughout this process including an upgrade to Ultimate and using W7 virual PC. On KISS instinct, I believe the dual-boot solution is too complicated and fraught with future, nasty issues. I went back to the L-L thread and researched/priced the NEC 2690wuxi2 (with the SV bundle). Nice, but too pricey for now. My Artisan is only 2 years old and has not been overly used; I like it and it has worked well in tandem with my 2200 - - - before my new box and Vista. So, to cut this Russian novel short, am I in the 2-3 year term better off sticking with the Artisan and using Spyder 3, or biting the bullet and going hi-end LCD?

2) When I reinstalled the 2200 I installed the Epson 64-bit dvrs. I use a simple workflow of Bridge -> ACR and CS4 for minor things and printing. Images look dead-on in all 3. My Pentax K20 uses AdobeRGB, same in ACR; 16-bit. I got the Ilford Galerie Smooth Pearl profiles for Vista 64-b and 2100/2200, but get this blue cast. Same using the Epson Premium Lustre. I have tried relative colorimetric and perceptual renderings with no apparent difference. I have set up the 2200 for ICM and no color adjustment. PS preview points to the Ilford profile and PS manages colors. I think I have all my color-mgmnt bases covered, but obviously not. I don't think my two problems are related since everything looks very good - before printing.

Any suggestions? Many TIA

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