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Author Topic: Good news. 13" Macbook gets FW800 and a new name, MacBook Pro.  (Read 7612 times)


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Good news. 13" Macbook gets FW800 and a new name, MacBook Pro.
« Reply #20 on: June 22, 2009, 10:02:56 AM »

Quote from: Jim Pascoe

It seems there is some discussion to be had regarding the pros/cons of glossy screens.  Personally I am quite happy with the 30" Apple Cinema display matte screen connected to my 17" Macbook Pro also with a matte screen.  I can believe that one would soon get used to the reflections on a gloss screen though.  'Ignorance is Bliss' should not be underated.  The only way most of us get through life is to be blissfully unaware of what we are missing.  This could apply to monitors, cars, heated swimming pools, and even women!  The alternative is a life of envy and regret (unless you are stinking rich).  Just be happy with what you have.  

Surely the point is, would you really be doing colour correcting high end work on a 13" screen anyway?  While it is great having a portable machine, would it not spend a chunk of it's life hooked up to a larger monitor?  I do sit on the sofa with my 17" laptop sorting pictures and keywording etc.  But I cannot imagine doing important work unless hooked up to a bigger monitor.
Plus the 17" Macbook Pro gets hot enough to cook chestnuts on your lap!


Good point and very true.


jing q

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Good news. 13" Macbook gets FW800 and a new name, MacBook Pro.
« Reply #21 on: June 22, 2009, 01:00:58 PM »

Quote from: Gemmtech
I've read some pretty idiotic statements before, this is definitely at the top.  Of course any "photographer" can be happy with any type of screen, as I stated "Ignorance is Bliss" as stated above most probably aren't doing their critical work on a laptop anyhow, I'd agree with that statement.  However you stating that training the brain is stupid, well let's just say I'll consider the source of that statement.  I know training the brain for anything is difficult for some people, but for others it's enjoyable.  Good luck to you and please use whatever makes you happy.

*slaps forehead*
you're just out to win an argument aren't you?
please leave the insults at the doorstep, we can agree to disagree but I find your tone unnecessary.

Some of us photographers take a laptop out into natural light. Now try viewing a glossy screen in sunny conditions, even with a screen shade.
You'll see a reflection of yourself.
Maybe the disconnect between both our opinions on the usability of a glossy screen for photographic work is that I'm talking about using it on the go and you're talking about using it in different conditions.

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