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Author Topic: 7900/9900 and optimal use of Orange and Green  (Read 7675 times)


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Re: 7900/9900 and optimal use of Orange and Green
« Reply #20 on: May 09, 2011, 06:57:50 PM »

fjmcsu, I thought I would come back to this old thread as the introduction of i1Profiler brings another possible tool to the table. I too use PosterPrint and the GPS profiler for CMYKOG printing on a 9900. This has been working quite well frankly, but I would enjoy some additional options. I have gone through way too much paper and ink in the last month working on i1Profiler CMYKOG profiling to add that option to those already at hand. It has been a frustrating endeavour with a few obstacles so quirky I have not bugged xrite too much yet, I doubt I represent much of their user base and have their hands full with this v1.0 release for the RGB user base right now... an initial problem was so over the top I can't imagine they even tried it with any n channel inkjet and RIP yet without an immediate fix, the users may be more experienced with their software they they when it comes to this stuff, in these early days.
Anyway, I wanted to let you know you can soft proof in a temp window in CS5, if you covert to profile, select advanced, multichannel, and find your GPS CMYKOG profiles on the list, it will soft proof in the preview. Unfortunately if will not if you go ahead and convert, as I don't think it supports icc in multichannel file formats.
Oddly, i1Profiler CMYKOG profiles do not even show up on the list, making me think there is some sort of tag problem. There are a few other problems too, opening them in ColorThinkPro shows some very odd black point behavior, wildly variant (and clearly mistaken) gamut volume reports depending on slight chart build options, etc. I was told by an anonymous expert the profiles seem to have "table problems".
So I am interested in other users working in CMYKOG and their experiences with some of these issues, particularly i1Profiler....
Between ink setup variables in the RIP, i1Profiler chart build options, and then profile build settings options, there are literally thousands of possible ways to get it wrong, and landing on the few ways to get it right is pretty overwhelming...


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Re: 7900/9900 and optimal use of Orange and Green
« Reply #21 on: May 10, 2011, 04:51:40 PM »

Hi Scott

ColorGATE does have the ablility to manage the CMYKlOG chanels separately. As well as being able to choose the crossover points of the light colours. Though It may not be able to all that you want. Especially printing the 6 channels as separations. Though ColorGATE have a version that is designed for creating film separations for screenprinting it may not be what your after.
ColorGATE has two versions of the driver, one uses the Epson HTM (half toning module) through which the 'driver' managers the ink separations and therefore the profiles that can be created are either RGB or CMYK. The other version of the driver is a NON HTM in which the end you gets to choose each channels ink limit (light colours included). You can then set the crossover points for the light to dark inks. Then create a linearisation, global ink limit and then a profile from there. So long as you have spent the money on all required ColorGATE Modules.
There is more to than that and it is a bit time consuming as you have to learn what does what to where etc, but it may at least give you some of what you need.
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