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Author Topic: RGB work space gamma: 2.2, 1.8, L*, 1.0, or what?  (Read 18692 times)
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Quote from: madmanchan
You are presumably thinking in the context of Photoshop...
yes. I don't care about a linear or L* or whatever encoding of the RAW data. The digital capture at the first stage is non linear in any case. Either you translate it to Gamma 1.0, 1.8, 2.2 or TRC L* should be equal as long as this is calculated in 16bit. I see it just from the "user" side: I use a certain RAW converter and what it is doing under the roof I am not interessted in (well, a little bit). I am interessted in the further options such as to convert (process) to any profile I want or need. That's all. And as to the editing and viewing conditions I find L* rather useful (though I am using it rarely).
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