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Author Topic: FS: Nikon 8000ED Scanner  (Read 1003 times)


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FS: Nikon 8000ED Scanner
« on: May 20, 2009, 01:58:29 AM »

Nikon Coolscan 8000ED scanner.

Scans 35mm to 2 1/4 film @ 4000 PPI native. Can scan 6x17 (post stitched).

I've used the 8000 to produce files for large scale grayscale/RGB output and extremely high quality offset reproduction (Lenswork, etc.).

Complete with everything as shipped - film holders (unused), CDs/manuals, cables, boxes. Latest Nikonscan driver can be downloaded.

I also use a 9000ED - only difference is the 8000 is slightly slower and produces 14 bit scans but exports files as 16 bit that withstand extreme image editing - insignificant differences for the +$700 price differential.

Always covered. Cosmetically/mechanically mint - produced perhaps 100 scans.

Will help the buyer wade through the setup and operation.

$1200 plus shipping - Northern Calif pickup welcomed/encouraged.

Rick Murai

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