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Author Topic: Do you miss film?  (Read 21147 times)

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Do you miss film?
« Reply #60 on: November 04, 2009, 06:13:43 PM »

Quote from: Nick Walker

Nice one, a very sexy subject. It has a metallic processed look that I like.


Thanks, she was/is? a lovely girl and the hair was her own, but as it was back in '84, God alone knows how she wears it now. I think the 'skirt' belonged in our prop box...

The metallic look is something that comes easily with Kodachrome; it has a look you can sometimes get by mixing flash and daylight and overlighting the subject just a bit but exposing/printing to make it look normal; however, this one was all sunlight. On another note, I have realised over the years that my main problem with trying to make landscape pictures is that I seem to find ones that are essentially backgrounds for girls rather than ones that are better without them. Old dogs and new tricks, I suppose.

Unfortunately, my model shoots ended before I got into digital and I have no idea how they would work together now, the girls and the digital capture.

Rob C
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