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Author Topic: LP3065 Calibration on a Mac  (Read 1803 times)
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« on: March 14, 2009, 05:28:39 PM »

This is going to be bit of a loaded post.  First of all I just bought my first Mac and in the setup process I am looking to learn how to calibrate my monitor.  I am using a HP LP3065 that I had previously hooked up and calibrated on my former PC.  My question is, now that I have the LP3065 connected to my new Mac Pro how can I make color adjustment through the graphics card?

I also have an additional question regarding printing.  On my PC I used Qimage to make all of my prints.  Now that I am using a Mac I bought Parallels to print through Qimage but I am confused on what the process should be to print.  How do I get the Images into Qimage to print and more importantly, how do I maintain a color profiled workflow?  Do I have to profile in Parallels to create a windows monitor profile or can I just use the mac profile.  Any help is appreciated.

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