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Author Topic: Epson 4000, 7600, 9600 clogging solution  (Read 34509 times)


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Re: Epson 4000, 7600, 9600 clogging solution
« Reply #20 on: October 31, 2012, 07:18:32 PM »

No sure why this link is geo-specific but this is what the article says, ...which has been said before:

"Tech Tip: Puddling The Cap (Epson 4000, 7600, 9600)
Friday, 07 November 2008 09:24

Puddling the Cap

It is recommended to do this procedure every 3-6 months, or whenever you experience a decline in cleaning efficiency. If you have never done this procedure before, repeat it several times in succession to soften up the capping pad. Lines through nozzle checks, clogged nozzles and “missing” colors on your nozzle check can usually be solved with this procedure.


1.       Open the main window/door

2.       Press down on the cutter and move the carriage to the left

3.       Locate the capping pad. It should be a multi-color fabric pad, usually orange and black.

4.       With an eyedropper of tap water, soak the pad to the point of spill over.

5.       Allow the water to be absored (3 minutes should do the trick)

6.       Repeat, and return the carriage to it’s home position while still wet

7.       Wait 3 minutes for absorption

8.       Run a standard clean cycle (not power clean)


If you still experience trouble, try the following:


A.       After step 2, lay down a half-folded wet paper towel (do not fold more than once as this will be too thick) in the carriage path

B.       Run the carriage over the paper towel and center it

C.      Grab the edges of the paper towel and “shimmy” the back of the carriage. This will wipe off some of the more stubborn dried ink chunks around the edges of the print head. *Be careful not to tear the paper towel as this can leaves hard to remove pieces of paper towel lodged in the back of the carriage.

D.      Continue with step 3 in the “puddling the cap” procedure.

E.       After step 5, reach in and locate the rubber wiper blade.

F.       Wipe the blade with a damp paper towel until clean.

G.      Finish the “puddling the cap” procedure"



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Re: Epson 4000, 7600, 9600 clogging solution
« Reply #21 on: December 16, 2013, 08:31:48 AM »

I've tried al and everything I found on-line and my 9600 stayed unresponsive.
So I also wanted to try the Windex solution but Windex called Glassex here made with an alcahole instead of the amoniac.
So desperate and wanting to try anything, the printer being unusable for over a year now, so in my opinion I coudnt break it I did the following:
I used a yellow thick cleaning cloth and soaked it in hot water and then applied pue amoniac.
That I let under the printer head for two days.
That I repeated until there was almost no color comming out of the print head.
On printhead check I then had one color fully functioning and some of the others where giving some signs live.
Afther that did a ink prime as if the printer was new.
And behold the printer is fully function again.
So with out anny guarranty you can try this on your risk.
I was succesfull.

Cheers Niels
Illustrator at large
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