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Author Topic: A2 EVF, Compared to the A1  (Read 2065 times)


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A2 EVF, Compared to the A1
« on: March 01, 2004, 11:40:32 AM »

My local camera store, has the A2 in stock, so today I tried the EVF on both the A2 and A1 side by side. The one on A2 is very impressive, although it is still an Electronic View Finder, and feels like it, but compare to the A1 it is a major leap forward.

The one on A1 feels dim, pixelated and slow in transition, and knowing that this particular EVF is what's on every new 8mp prosumer camera, places yet another halo on the A2. I found the EVF very bright on the A2, with rather smooth, almost liquid (but not quite) resolution. Is it perfect? No. Is it the ultimate solution to the OVF replacement? No, but what a leap forward it is...

You know not every OVF is as good as the ones on high-end D-SLRs. I think what A2 has established here is once again leading the way to a total digital experience in the next few generation of cameras; like the US military is relying more and more on "synthetic vision" (airlines to follow). Once the EVF's can get up to 3 meg+ with a super fast refresh rate, an OVF becomes rather old fashioned. Since those super EVFs can do what an OVF does and more.

"Times... they are a changin'"
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