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Author Topic: Dead pixels on a 10D  (Read 1805 times)


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Dead pixels on a 10D
« on: September 28, 2004, 01:59:22 PM »

[font color=\'#000000\']I was looking over a product shot with a designer the other day and at 200% she found this white bullseye in the image.  Not sure what it was I went over some recent images and found this same irregularity in them as well.  Same Bullseye, same location.  Canon's response is send it in and we'll take a look and repair it.  7 to 10 days turnaround plus shipping time.    A repair is a repair if it is nessary; I would like some more info on what a dead pixel looks like and what the progression is before I send the camera in.  Does it progressivley get worse?  Are they isolated, unrelated events?  Is remapping better or worse than replaceing the chip?  I'm not at all keen on sending it in evey three months a $180 a shot to get the chip remapped.  Could this be dust or some other contaminant?(I've never seen dust look like this) Any info would be helpful.

Here is a 100% crop

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