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Author Topic: Model Release Questions  (Read 1191 times)


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Model Release Questions
« on: November 10, 2008, 07:29:36 AM »

So, I am in Ethiopia, and taking lots of photographs of people, but I have yet to actually get a model release. Many of these shots do involve compensation--instead of a large fee for one group of shots, the general practice here is to charge a small amount for every shot from everyone, digicam or DSLR. I have also shot many people as part of a large public religious festival. I am beginning to wonder what eventual uses I can put these shots to. I can't seem to find any information about Model Releases in Ethiopia, and IP is generally pretty laxly enforced, though there are laws on the books which could be used, I understand. I assume there are people here with good experience of what uses these photographs can be put to, and I would appreciate any advice that you have.

I assume if I wanted to make a series of postcards, I would be best off consulting a local lawyer, and returning to areas to secure releases from those photographed? Does the fact that being photographed is a charge-per-photo business for a lot of these people (Lalibela priests, Southern tribespeople) make any difference for my rights to use the images?
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