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Hasselblad Zeiss lenses and mamiya lenses comparison

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jing q:
I'm uploading the zip file of the further focusing one to my server.
it should take about half an hour from now to be fully up.
the link is here plus here

if someone will be kind enough to resize them in a way that's easier for people to see that'll be much the meantime here's a very rough resize for your viewing

45mm Mamiya

50mm Hassy

55mm Mamiya N/L

55-110mm Mamiya @ 55mm

55-110mm Mamiya @ 77mm (roughly)

80mm Mamiya AF

80mm Mamiya f1.9

80mm Hassy

jing q:

--- Quote from: DFAllyn ---jing q took a number of lenses and shot them under circumstances which are described in the post. One can draw whatever conclusions they like for their purposes, but I appreciate the effort and shared info. I see no point in dishing the effort. If it doesn't serve someone's need it can be ignored. It was offered as an "informal" comparison that will likely be useful and/or enjoyable to some.

Thanks for posting what you saw, jing q. I have the Mamiya AF 35, 45, 55, 80, 150, and 210 (ULD) lenses and my experiences are similar to yours vis-a-vis your Mamiya observations regarding sharpness and contrast, except I find my 55 quite sharp as well (very close to my 45). The total cost of the kit was remarkably low for the image quality provided by the lenses. Build isn't great, but serviceable.

--- End quote ---

my 55mm is the manual version...leaf shutter version. I have to say that the manual feel of the metal barrel is very pleasurable.

On another note, sometimes I find the perspective of the 45mm to feel slightly too distorted for me in certain cases...I was pleasantly surprised by the sense I got from the 55mm lens. If the AF lens is any better I may just get one for the times I feel the need for one...
All this testing made me realise that very subtle differences in each lens does make a big difference in the overall feel of a photo (duh..the digital era had numbed my sensitivity to such things)

One thing I was looking out for also were differences in amount of depth of field at the same focal length and same f-stop....but the differences were negligible.

However my 35mm rodenstock HR lens seems to have amazing depth of field even at f/4 and f/5.6 compared to my 35mm mamiya, and of course the resolution is incredible. That may be one of those false sensations though...something I should test out next time.

Dale Allyn:
I agree about the tactile pleasure of older manual lenses. I've never liked the plastic nature of many modern lenses of many makes.

My 35 is "OK", but not spectacular (I understand this to be consistent with others' observations). I prefer the build of the 35 to the 45 and 55, but the latter lenses are sharper. I've not handled the new 80mm D lens, but look forward to upgrading to its up-graded build quality.

Guy Mancuso:
In regards to some of the Mamiya glass in particular there new D lenses which i find much better build and much better tactical manual focusing. I have three of them and really prefer them over my other Mamiya lenses of course they are more expensive and heavier also . In particular the 28mm is a big lens with a lot of weight, the 150 mm D 2.8 lens is a gem in my book with a nice feel to it bigger and heavier than the slower version but a much better lens . The new 80mm D lens is also very nice and sharp also. I am after the new 45mm D lens when it hits the streets here real soon and may actually sell my 35 and 55 AF which the later lens the 55mm AF is a great lens it does not have manual override on the lens itself and that is something I do not like. I like having that manual switch or push pull to engage manual focusing without going to the body to make a change from C or S to M. Bottom line though i do not feel at all in the slightest inferior to any glass made out there in MF and that says a lot for me since i am a extreme lens whore. So frankly all this chest pumping on some other brands is frankly just BS and marketing, I just ignore many of these claims out there unless someone shows me hard proof to improving my images instead of MTF charts than I will continue in my happy quest on what I have they get the job done extremely well. Also some of the claims on the Mamiya 28mm which i saw some corner issues at times was completely debunked on my last interior job which the images just sing all the way across the frame and this was with a P25 plus size sensor.

Jack Flesher:

--- Quote from: jing q ---First of all let me state that lens testing is more difficult than I expected...
--- End quote ---

It sure is.  Unfortunately, whenever your "result" is not what some people wants to hear, they will do their best to poke holes in every aspect of your test they can, so thick skin is advised if you want to test!  Anyway, my hat off to you for these efforts, as this type of data helps lend credibility to other tests that your findings echo -- and your results do align with other similar ones I have seen  




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