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Author Topic: Does a rail like this exist?  (Read 5555 times)
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« Reply #20 on: October 31, 2008, 08:26:32 PM »

Although the post above mine shows the MPR-CL on the panning clamp (PCL1) for single row panos, this page has all you need to know about the RR$ system for multi row panos, including some animations.
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Quote from: bjanes
Jeff, I was aware of this limitation and included a link to the "omni-pivot" RRS pano package in my post. One can easily upgrade to the full package, but that doubles the required investment. For now, I am getting by with the basic unit. With the full package, one could use a multirow pano from a 35 mm style dSRL to rival the quality from a medium format digital camera or even a 4x5 view camera.

There's actually a simpler solution, just mount the ballhead upside down    

Here's a slightly older version of the panohead that I built:

and the current version in macro mode:

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