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Author Topic: WTB: rodenstock(70) or schneider(72) digital lens, cambo digital bag bellows, and dynalite gear  (Read 1140 times)


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Interested in the following :

A Rodenstock 70mm Digital sironar or a Schneider 72mm Digitar. these can be in a copal press or copal 0.

I also might consider a 105mm digital sironar at the right price.

cambo digital bag bellows to fit the ultima D 4x5, I have standard bag bellows and they are big and get in the way, I believe the small ones have 1 pleat. Im open to suggestions on alternatives if you know any.  

Im also looking for a slew of dynalite gear, list as follows:

9 inch grids ( brand not important actually)

barndoors to fit 7 and 9 inch reflectors

any sort of focusing or condenser spot

Pencil light heads

4040 heads

Chimera grids for small, x small, and small strip boxes.

I have some good stuff to trade right now as well, so hit me up if you have anything on the list.

thanks, Kyle
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