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Author Topic: Z3100 & New Reds: Never ever  (Read 10276 times)

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Z3100 & New Reds: Never ever
« Reply #20 on: October 05, 2008, 11:25:22 AM »

But, anything can be done with the right effort.

For the Z3100, the following possibly could be done:

-- A new red ink formulation that is labeled something other than #70. This cartridge, of course could be made to fit the Z3100.

-- The existing printhead design continues to be used.

-- A completely new driver and completely new firmware are issued to handle the new ink. Similarly, the HP Printer Utility is updated.

On the user end, this would require flushing the red line or printing enough solid red pages with the new cartridge in place to use any residual "old" red. It might also require replacing the Red/MK print head. And, of course, installing the new driver, firmware, and utility.

Can this be done? Certainly. It's not physically impossible. The real question is does HP want to, and what is HP's business case for doing so (or not doing so). Though I was under NDA for the Z3200 and was told the Z3100 under no circumstances could be field upgraded, anything is possible. I have absolutely no special insight on this topic, just my decades of experience dealing with printer manufacturers. This is nothing more than pure conjecture on my part. All that said, I'm only occasionally disappointed in the red performance of my two Z3100 printers.

But, I do wish for something on a completely different topic: I hope that the successor to the B9180 is fully compatible with the HP Printer Utility software.

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Z3100 & New Reds: Never ever
« Reply #21 on: October 05, 2008, 08:52:21 PM »

Hi Marty-

I'm not sure who you are referring to below, but since I did give a positive review, I will respond.

While I did get a printer to test, I will be returning it to HP shortly. There certainly was no quid-pro-quo, nor any compensation other than the use of a beta printer. As anyone who has tested software or hardware can attest, some beta programs end up helping the participants, while others are just a waste of time. You certainly don't go into the program assuming you are getting something for nothing. I have to say that I resent the implication that "free printers" explains the positive reviews. You have no basis for claiming that.

I too am very disapointed that the new reds, which really and truly are better than the old reds, will not be available to z3100 owners. It was the first question I asked HP when I found out what was different with the z3200. I can't tell you why they haven't made it available as an upgrade to the z3100, whether it was a marketing decision or an engineering decision; I think all the speculation on this forum as to why is just that, speculation, that doesn't further our knowledge about HP or these printers.

I'm surprised to hear you say you will be basing your next printer decision on "customer support and satisfaction based on the postings on this and other web sites", since you own a Z3100 already. Either that printer has or it hasn't worked for you. Certainly my sense from this and other sites is that it has for the majority of the users. Perhaps you just have yet to experience the "joys" of large format Epson ownership.  

Quote from: marty m
You are suggesting that some are receiving the printer for free.  That explains the positive reviews, because who would bite the hand who feeds them with free printers?

I noticed that we have had an enthusiastic review from at least one individual who disappeared from this forum for many months, only to reappear with wildly positive reviews for the 3200.  That person was one of the most strident in criticizing the Z3100 for its reds, and he worked with HP for many months on that issue as it relates to the 3100.  Then he disappeared, only to reappear with extremely positive comments about the 3200.  Of course, he has a 3200 when no one else does.  It makes you wonder what is going on here.

I will start to ask those who are recommending the 3200 to disclose whether they purchased the printer; or received it for free either as a long-term (permanent) "loan" or were simply given it out right.

And before someone asks me, I purchased the Z3100 and APS in the first month of release, and promptly lost $800 two months later when HP dropped the price on that package.  I am not employed in the graphic arts, photographic or any other business related to that.

And I will buy an Epson the next time, due to far superior customer support and satisfaction based on the postings on this and other web sites.
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