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Author Topic: Cambo Wide DS System Ala Carte Camera & Lenses  (Read 950 times)


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Cambo Wide DS System Ala Carte Camera & Lenses
« on: August 15, 2008, 10:30:25 AM »

Offered here is a complete Cambo Wide DS system (digital back not included). Everything you need except a digital back. I bought this system 2.5 years ago and it has worked flawlessly. There is no good reason that I am selling this camera aside from the fact that I'm a camera junkie! I decided to move to the Alpa system so this one must go.

All lenses are in excellent condition aside from a few wear marks on the parts that mounts to the camera and some wear on the bull-bars from going in and out of the case.  All glass is for sure excellent! There are no disclaimers on condition of the camera other than normal wear of paint at the mount and other minor signs of use. All shift mechanisms work perfectly. The camera has never been dropped or otherwise mistreated.

Here are the details:
Everything is listed ala carte, take what you want.

Wide DS Body:  $960
Mamiya Adapter plate:  $540

24mm Lens:  $2820
35mm Lens:  $2400
47mm Lens:  $1620
58XL Lens (with rear spacer):  $1740
72XL Lens (with rear spacer):  $2220
90 mm Lens (with rear spacer):  $2000
Viewfinder:  $473
Masks:  INCL.

Rotating Graflock 4x5 back (needed for 58/72/90) :  $450

For those not familiar with this camera, the lenses longer than 47mm need to use the graflock back with the digital interface plate attached plus a dedicated rear spacer for each lens. There are 3 lenses longer than 47 and three dedicated spacers. The design intent is to split up the "bellows extension" required between the lens mount and the rear of the camera. This helps avoid any mechanical vignetting when shifting the lens, and keep the lens mounts smaller in size.  The big benefit here is that you can shoot 4x5 or roll film with this camera too with the 3 longer lenses.  So if you need a true hybrid camera this is it!

Center filters are recommended for the 24XL and 35XL lenses. These are not included since I will use them on the new system.

Pricing is based on 40% off of the Calumet prices. [attachment=7930:attachment][attachment=7931:attachment][attachment=7932:attachm
Jeffrey Totaro
IQ260 Alpa MAX & SWA
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