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Author Topic: Epson R2880 ICC Profile tracker  (Read 5285 times)


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Epson R2880 ICC Profile tracker
« on: August 15, 2008, 09:33:56 AM »

Hi everyone,

Just thought I'd mention that recently I've started a page tracking the availability of ICC Profiles for the Epson Stylus R2880. This is just a private hobby project, but it might be of use to people here.

The page can be found here
Since this printer is rather new, there is no broad availability of profiles yet. I'm hoping that by tracking the availability of profiles for the various kinds of papers people can make informed choices about what papers to buy for their R2880 as well as where to find the profiles in question.

The page features an RSS feed to inform you when the page is updated.

Should anyone here have any custom profiles for the R2880 to share, or hints and tips regarding the use of the various papers (with or without "official" ICC profiles), I'd be very glad to hear from you.

Please contact me through the link on page itself.

Best regards,
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