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« on: August 08, 2008, 05:40:05 PM »

(continuing from the mfdb thread)

450D didn't have back focus issues, I just got the test for it wrong, it's not rocket science but hey.
So here's the basics: (with a 17-40mm F4 lens)

Great screen. good response, good quick af
Viewfinder not so good, not terrible like the old rebels and not far off of the d40 but still, not great.
User interface: simple, fine.
IQ: comparing it to some old 5D files with similar light and similar performing lens (24-70L), very similar performance, you really couldn't put one in front of the other, not scientific, not from shots even on a tripod, just real world, how I shoot, handheld, flash. Really similar, 450D has a little noise, pleasant noise though, similar to the type I usually add to my files myself. Sharpness, similar, DR, similar. You really can't separate these 2 cameras, maybe with more use I will be able to but there really is virtually nothing in it and certainly you can't even lean one way or another. If anything, the 450D has maybe a spot more micro contrast, skin looks lightly less plastic, maybe thats just the noise. I think, and I can't be sure as these things are so subjective and slight but I think the file looks slightly thicker, maybe thats what 14 bit does? Maybe it's the digic 3 processor? Maybe it's just user bias. It's certainly not a big difference anyway. Also, it doesn't make my wrist hurt when I hold it for any length of time. I'm pretty happy with it overall I'd say. One thing I should note, the files really like DPP to process them rather than LR.
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