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Author Topic: Why does MFDB color suck so bad?  (Read 26811 times)

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Why does MFDB color suck so bad?
« Reply #40 on: April 18, 2008, 07:57:34 PM »

It's almost bizzare that some people talk about calibrating different cameras to give you the same result.


Hmmmm...maybe because different parts of the shoot need different cameras, like action shots that are best taken with a DSLR, and some studio stuff that may be best suited to MFDB, and you want the colors from both cameras to match when you send the files to the clients. Or you're shooting a wedding, and have a long lens on one body and a wide angle on the other so you don't have to screw around with changing lenses in the middle of the ceremony, and you also have an instant backup if one of the bodies emits smoke. Or maybe you've gotten a positive professional reputation based on a certain color look, and want to be able to duplicate that look when you upgrade your camera system without having to reinvent the wheel all over again.

There are many advantages to separating creative color adjustments from initial RAW conversion, so that a particular look is NOT dependent on a specific camera. What if you have a client that likes the "look" you've developed for one specific camera, and then that camera dies 2 hours before the shoot and you have to use your backup gear? Do you blow the client off (which you would have to do with your recommended methodology), or do you simply shoot with your backup camera and and deliver the desired images to the client (which I could do easily) without giving any hint that anything went wrong?

If you're using your camera to dictate the color of your images, you've completely missed the point of digital, rather like cutting wood with a chain saw without bothering to start the engine.
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