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Author Topic: Saturation level in DCRAW  (Read 37830 times)
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Quote from: Guillermo Luijk
what do you mean by XYZ scaling? XYZ is an intermediate colour space to which images are converted prior to final conversion to sRGB, Adobe RGB. In fact I think DCRAw multiplies the RGB -> XYZ and XYZ -> output colour profile matrices to do the conversion in a single step.

The only scaling applied is when white balancing, and that is donde in the RGB Bayer domain, even before demosaicing.
I mean -o 5 option on conversion for XYZ output.

Hening Bettermann
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« Reply #21 on: February 13, 2010, 02:18:25 PM »


> If dcraw is to retain its cutting edge, now is the time to add a '32 bit' switch.

> A 32-bit switch would mean rewriting a good amount of DCRAW's code, pretty sure Coffin doesn't agree.

Maybe Elle Stone is doing (part of) just this with her modification of dcraw:

(4) Increase the precision of the camera matrix primaries by changing the data type from integer to floating.
   I doubt the increased precision will be visually apparent, but why not - it was an easy change."

Good light - Hening.

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