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Author Topic: Masking programs  (Read 1194 times)

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Masking programs
« on: February 22, 2008, 03:20:50 PM »

I have several questions about masking programs.

1) I have been using Corel Knockout 1.5 for a number of years, with minor success.  I now need to knock out some subjects under really hard conditions, such as a dark haired model against a tree, etc.  Has anybody used Knockout 1.5 as well as Knockout 2.0, and is there a substantial difference in functionality and ease aside from the obvious change from standalone to CS3 plug-in?  

2) I have downloaded trial versions of Power Mask as well as Mask Pro 4.1.  Power Mask has too many limitations in terms of file size etc that I can use on my old PC.  Mask Pro 4.1 seemed interesting because of the several ways to approach the task, but on my difficult images, it doesn't seem to do any better than Knockout 1.5.  Has anybody compared Knockout 2 and Mask Pro 4.1 on difficult jobs?

3)  If Knockout 2 has some real improvements over version 1.5, I have another question.  It has been out for quite a long time in software years.  I have got burned several times in getting a current version of software, only to have a significant upgrade come out just a few weeks past the length of time that the publisher would allow a free or inexpensive upgrade.  Is Corel likely to upgrade Knockout 2 soon, or is there so little competition (or interest) in the program that version 2 might be around for a long time?
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