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Author Topic: The new ALPA 12 MAX  (Read 22455 times)


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The new ALPA 12 MAX
« Reply #40 on: March 31, 2008, 01:19:54 AM »

this does not convince me.

i like the alpa system and even more how good these cameras are made, but i dont understand their politic. still there is no sliding back, which is for me the most essential tool for an architecture camera.  i dont like optical viewers for this kind of work and i dont like also the alternative, the permanent exchange of a mate screen with the back and vice versa,- more if i have to do this in complicate environments.
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Ah, its a complicated story ....   slow wide angles with ground glass viewing don't work so well anyway...... you need a viewing cloth and the corners are always dark - reflex finders like the horseman don't work so well either- the binocular alpa 6x9 viewer that has an adjustable mirror is perhaps the best.  I have gotten used to just getting an idea of the framing and not really seeing the image clearly on the ground glass.  I believe it or not worked a lot traveling with fuji 6x9's which are just viewfinders- but reasonably accurate framing (better than a leica). I am hoping I can do the same with digital: use the viewfinder to rough in the composition and then check it via the shot on the digital back after exposure.
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