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Author Topic: My New Phamiya or Mamase  (Read 20945 times)


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My New Phamiya or Mamase
« Reply #20 on: December 18, 2007, 02:58:44 PM »


I just couldn't believe what you said so I opened the pelican case, got my Mammamiya out and took off the AE viewfinder. I still didn't see it at first but then it hits me... it's under the 3 things that hold the replacable focus screen.

Thanks a lot. One concern less.

Mamiya Rz focusing screen is adjustable. It sits on three screws that can be raised up and down. It requires special screw driver available from Mamiya. I got one if a member of LL needs to borrow it.
The process of adjusting the screen to perfect focus with any DB is very easy. No shims needed ever.
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My New Phamiya or Mamase
« Reply #21 on: December 18, 2007, 09:54:01 PM »


There is nothing wrong with the Hasselblad. It is just different shooting with the RZ.

If you like the Hasselbled, then good for you.

When I shot film I had everything under the sun.  I shot Pentax 67, RZ, Contax 645 with Pentax glass, hassy glass and contax glass via adapters.  As I went digital I was locked into two systems either Canon or Hasselabld H series until the V adapter came out.  Although focusing was a BITCH with V lenses on the H.

Already committed to the H mount I look for ways to at least open my options.  I actually went out and bought film the other day for the first time in three years.

IN hindsight I should have maybe stayed with Contax.  But I had too many problems with the system.  Some people didn't.  I had two bodies and one was always in NJ being repaired. Every Contax I had from the 645 down to the small 35mm point shoots had problems. I guess I was not lucky with Contax. My Mamiya's and Pentax 67 have been dropped and been in tough situations and always worked.  Mind you, the P67 went in for new winding cranks every couple of years, but I had seven bodies. The RZ lenses use to go in for shutter repair every few years.  My Contax use to go in every couple of months. All got the same use as well.

So I hated the system!  Maybe I got lemons, who knows.  THE phase is the only system that for me has been perfect with no problems.  If people are happy with their Aptus's, more power to them or Sinar or Hasselabld Digital backs.  GREAT!

I don't have comparisons.  When I get on set and use something that is it.  I rarely change but I like to have the option depending on how I feel.

Best of luck


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Re: My New Phamiya or Mamase
« Reply #22 on: September 21, 2012, 09:40:15 AM »

Very pretty Rig you have there ;)


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Re: My New Phamiya or Mamase
« Reply #23 on: September 21, 2012, 11:18:21 PM »

The RZ is a great camera, but The real limitation of shooting digital with it is the 50% crop.

You lose most of the magic of the 110 2.8, but most of all the viewfinders are optimized for 6x7 not a crop sensor.

You would think that Phase Mamiya would make a better viewfinder with a magnification that is appropriate for the precision
required due to the higher definition crammed into smaller sensors that the original 6x7 film.

It seems that the MF camera manufactures have been taken over by scanner makers or something.

Using the RZ prism was already a stretch with 6x7 film....

Hasselblad used to make a moving high magnification loup, but dumped that..

Fuji in my opinion got the viewfinders right.

Very large rear elements and multiple prisms as well as a mobile high magnification loup.  

Before packing up the camera in the studio today I took a quick video of the loup.

Fuji loup video

The loup moves around without touching the focusing screen and It opens up to view the whole screen including beyond the composition.
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