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D300 Operation & Capability
« on: November 22, 2007, 03:20:19 AM »

A few pre-delivery observations after reading an electronic version of the D300 Owners Manual:

RAW images can be captured as 12-bit or 14-bit files. In 12-bit, maximum fps rates apply. At the 14-bit capture setting, performance drops to 2.5 fps as files are 1.3 times larger.

RAW images can be captured with Basic, Normal and Fine JPGs.

RAW images can be saved as Lossless (20-40% compression) and Lossy (40-55% compressed) NEF's.

Auto Area AF uses all 50 points and can distinguish human subjects from backgrounds.

Dynamic AF can be set to 9, 21, 51 or 51 w/ 3D Tracking in Custom Settings.

HI 0.3 - HI 1: these settings correspond to ISO 4000 - 6400 when camera is set to ISO 3200

LO 0.3 - LO 1: these settings correspond to ISO 100 - 160 and are used for large apertures when lighting is bright. Contrast is lower than base ISO 200.

Custom Setting e4 - Modeling Flash: allows this CLS feature on SB600/800/R200 units.

D300 can store up to five Preset WB settings with description.

Active D Lighting can be set to Highlight Off, Low, Normal or High and is applied before the exposure vs. D Lighting which is applied after the image capture.

Data (focal length and max. aperture) for up to nine non-CPU lenses can be stored for selection in the D300.

With non-CPU lens data entered into the D300, color matrix metering and auto power zoom is enabled on SB800/600 Speedlights.

Highlights for individual RGB channels can be viewed during Image Review.

When using flash in Program Mode, maximum apertures are limited to: f5 @ 200 ISO, 5.6 @ 400 ISO, 7.1 @ 800 ISO, f8 @ 1600 ISO and f10 @ 3200 ISO.

There are four discrete Custom Setting Banks.

AF Fine Tuning is available for up to 12 CPU lenses.

Automatic sensor cleaning can be setup to occur manually with the Clean Now option, or during camera startup and/or shutdown.

Approximately 1000 images can be captured using a VR lens and flash on every other shutter release.

Approximately 3000 images can be captured in Medium size Basic JPG mode with short monitor image reviews - see manual for full details.

Now, we just need the camera!
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